Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Graphene Flex Wax Tips & FAQ. 1

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Graphene Flex Wax Tips & FAQ.

The latest Turtle Wax products are really powerful and offer very long-lasting protection.  Once you learn to apply them properly that is.  Hybrid Solutions Pro Graphene Infused Flex Wax is one of their best products they have to offer.  These tips will help you achieve stunning results.

What does Graphene Flex Wax do?

  • It adds long-lasting slickness and gloss to your paint.  
  • It’s also much easier to apply than professional-grade graphene or ceramic coating although it’s not designed to last as long.
  • It comes in an easy to use spray bottle.

Why does it have Graphene in it?

Graphene helps the product to last much longer than normal spray waxes.

What type of vehicle can I use it on?

If your paint is in good condition already then you will love the effect this product has on your paint.  It will deliver fantastic shine and water beading.

But if you have an older vehicle that has lots of scratches and rock chips and faded paint then this won’t help you much (but you can still try it).  Ideally, you should do paint correction first. ie  clay/compound/polish.  Then use this to protect it and boost the shine.

Preparation tips

You should wash and rinse your car before you apply this product.  Use a safe washing method like the two-bucket method.  There is no point applying it to a dirty car as the buffing will cause scratches and the product won’t bond properly.

If your paint is faded and oxidized you should clay and polish your car first.  It’s easier to do this than most people think.  Read more here.

What does it say on the bottle?

Hybrid Solutions Pro Graphene Infused Flex Wax
Tighter Web of Protection
Apply on dry or wet paint, then buff, dry or rinse off for long-lasting gloss, slickness, UV protection, chemical resistance, water repellency & stain prevention

Will it cover scratches?

No, Hybrid Solutions Pro Graphene Infused Flex Wax won’t hide or cover scratches.  Use a glaze like Chemical Guys Black Light or Autoglym Super Resin Polish to hide and buff out scratches.

To fully remove scratches and improve dull paint you will need to polish your car.  READ MORE HERE

Will it hide or remove oxidization?

No, Hybrid Solutions Pro Graphene Infused Flex Wax won’t remove oxidization.  

Polishing your car will remove oxidization.  You can polish with a DA polishing machine or by hand.  Oxidization can easily be removed by hand using compound such as Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 and Done Compound Correct and Finish  or Meguiars Ultimate Compound.

Should I use a clay bar first?

The instructions say you should clay and polish if needed. What does this mean and how do I know if its needed?

Does your paint feel rough to the touch?  The is usually made up tar and rubber and other road grime.  This contamination can brake off when you are cleaning your car and cause scratches.  It will also effect how well the the wax bonds to your paint and the level of shine you achieve.

A clay bar is the solution.  You gently rub the soft clay over your paint using a lubricant spray. 

Your paint will feel super smooth and look better.

Amazon Link : Adam’s Fine Grade Clay Bar Combo

Read more about clay bars here

Application Methods

There are three application methods mentioned on the back of the bottle.  The first option is done on dry paint the other two methods are done when your car is still wet after you have washed it.

The first time you use it you should use the dry application method as this gives you a strong base layer.

The wet paint methods are a great way to quickly top up the shine and protection. But you will get the best results out of the dry application methods in my experience. 

Method 1: Dry Paint Application

  1. Wash and dry your car immediately before application.
  2. Shake the bottle well.
  3. Apply two sprays per panel on dry paint.
  4. Spread and wipe with a clean dry microfibre cloth.
  5. Use a damp microfibre cloth if its not spreading evenly for you.

Recommended Microfibre Cloths: Chemical Guys Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towels

Method 2: On Wet Paint as a Drying Aid

  1. Wash and rinse your car, don’t dry yet.
  2. Shake the bottle well.
  3. Apply two sprays per panel on wet paint.
  4. Spread and wipe with a clean microfibre cloth.
  5. Buff dry with another cloth

Method 3: Spray and Rinse

  1. Wash and rinse your car, dont dry yet.
  2. Shake the bottle well.
  3. Apply two sprays per panel on wet paint.
  4. Spread out and rinse off product with hose or pressure washer.
  5. Buff dry with Car Drying Towel

Recommended Drying Towel:Griot’s Garage Terry Weave Drying Towel

Cure Time

Can be buffed off immediately.
Dont wash your car for 24 hours after application. During this 24 hour period the water resistance of the product will improve. It will feel much smoother and slickness/slipperryyness will improve.
After another wash and application it will further improve.

What surfaces can it be used on?

  • Paint
  • Wheels
  • Exterior Glass
  • Rubber Trim
  • Plastic Trim
  • NOT to be used on Fabric Convertible Tops
  • NOT to be used where a slick slippery surface is not wanted.

Can it be used as a drying aid?

Yes, it can be used as a drying aid on a washed car.

Can it be used as a detailer spray?

No, it’s not designed to be used as a detail spray.

Can it be used as a waterless wash?

No, it’s not designed to be used as a waterless wash.

Does it harden on microfibre cloths?

No, there is no need to throw away your clothes as you would with a ceramic or graphene coating.  You can just wash them as normal.

How do you fix streaking problems?

Streaks can be visible mainly on dark colored vehicles.  It can happen if it’s too cold/ too hot/ too humid for the carrier to properly evaporate.

Don’t panic though, your paint is not permanently damaged.  If you see streaking of the product the bottle says to use a damp microfibre cloth to fix/remove the problem.  Other users have used detail spray such as Adams Detail Spray to fix the issue. 

Applying too much product can also cause streaking issues.  Failing to shake the bottle first can cause streaking issues.

Where do I get my information?

  1. By using the product
  2. By reading the instructions
  3. By reading the Turtle wax website
  4. By asking the manufacturer for clarification
  5. By reading discussion boards and asking questions.
  6. By reading reviews
  7. By witching youtube videos

Where can I buy it?

Amazon Link : Turtle Wax 53477 Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax, Graphene Spray Wax, 23 oz.


Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Graphene Spray Wax is an awesome product once you understand how to use it and when to use it.

It offers long-lasting shine and protection that’s quick and easy to apply by anyone.

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