Best Glaze for Black Cars - 2023 1

Best Glaze for Black Cars – 2023

Glaze or filler glaze is a secret weapon that doesn’t get enough attention.  It’s job is a simple one.  Hide fine scratches and boost gloss.  But what’s the best glaze for black cars?  

Many glazes also contain polish that can help remove oxidization and smoothen down scratches.

You can usually apply wax on top of a glaze to get the jaw dropping look us black car owners want

What is the Best Glaze for Black Cars?

Chemical Guys Black Light is the best glaze for black cars.  In fact, it doesn’t matter what color your car is.  It’s the best glaze for every car.  But it’s far more effective on black cars than any other color.  

It’s also super easy to apply.  And easy to buff off.

For deeper scratches, you could try to remove them.  Click here to see how.

1. Chemical Guys Black Light

I usually apply wax on top of Black Light.  Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax goes perfectly with it.  The combination of these two products can be jaw dropping.  Especially if you have some swirls and scratches that benefit from the glaze.

Black Light is also has some sealant properties according to Chemical Guys.  So it’s ideal if you have just washed, clayed and polished your car and you want to protect it from fallout and other particles.  

But even if you have just washed your car it will benefit hugely from Chemical Guys Black Light.

Butter Wet Wax is well known for its gloss.  But it doesn’t last that long.  I find that it seems to last a lot longer if Black Light is underneath it.  Read more about my favorite waxes here.

It can be applied with a machine polisher on a low setting but I have only ever applied it by hand and had great results.

See Reviews on Amazon of Chemical Guys Black Light

2. Autoglym Super Resin Polish

Autoglym Super Resin Polish is legendary in the auto detailing industry.  Its been around for a long time and still is a best seller.

Many used car dealerships use SRP due to its quick ability to give a massive boost in gloss.  It will survive for a few months too especially if you use a ph neutral car shampoo.

Its slightly more difficult to buff off than Chemical Guys Black Light.  But if you apply a really thin layer you wont have a problem.  Use some detailer spray if you have over done it.

It can stain black plastic trim to keep it away if possible.  Use a little soapy water to wash it off before it dries in.  This is includes rubber and plastic trim.

Autoglym Super Resin Polish, as the name suggests, is also a polish.  So it can help remove oxidization and remove some fine scratches.

Using a clay bar to remove any bonded dirt will improve the gloss even further.

Chemical Guys Black Light seems to give slightly more shine and is easier to use.  But SRP last longer.

See Reviews on Amazon of Autoglym Super Resin Polish

3. Meguiars Ultimate Polish

Meguiars Ultimate Polish is a Glaze with slightly abrasive polish in it.  I like the fact that it actually says this on the front of the bottle.  They call it a pre wax glaze which is what all of these products actually are.

Black car paint will get a boost from this product if applied by hand or by machine.  I have a cheap Dual Action Polisher that’s perfect for this.

You can use Meguiars Ultimate Compound first if your car is really swirled up.  Ultimate Compound has more cutting power than ultimate polish.  Also Ultimate Compound doesn’t have any filler/glaze.

So, Ultimate Compound followed by Ultimate Polish followed by Ultimate wax can be effective if you have plenty of time on your hands and a nice DA Polisher.

See reviews on Amazon of Meguiars Ultimate Polish

4. Poorboys Black Hole

Another very popular product that has a lot of fanboys on the detailing forums.  But it has been replaced by Black Light in the popularity stakes.

Offers good gloss too.  Amazon reviews seem positive.  But I have never tried it myself.  So please read amazon reviews if you are interested.  

See reviews on Amazon of Poorboys Black Hole.

5. Adams Brilliant Glaze

I’ll bet you didn’t even know Adams made this product.  Adams Brilliant Glaze is usually associated as a product used by owners of classic cars and want to give their car a boost before a car show.  But it can be used by anyone.  

It doesn’t stain plastic if wiped off quickly .  Its an unusually runny liquid. 

Adams say this product is seriously underrated.  Especially effective on black and dark colored cars.  Can be applied in direct sunlight.  Don’t leave it too long on the paint because it can get a little difficult to remove.  If you’re having trouble, just use some detailed spray to moisten it and no harm done.  Can be applied to paint, glass, chrome or aluminum.

Some users say it doesn’t last very long.  It’s main use is to make your car look awesome for the weekend or for a car show.  A wax can be applied on top for even better shine.  Hazes over quickly, easy to buff off.

Read reviews on Amazon of Adams Brilliant Glaze


A glaze is an excellent tool in giving your black car a huge boost in gloss.  It wont last forever but its very effective.  The best is Chemical Guys Black Light, especially when Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax is applied on top.  Its probably as good as a black car can get.

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