Best towel for black car

Best Towel to Dry a Black Car

Using a microfiber towel to remove moisture from your car is one of the best ways to prevent water spots forming on your car paint.  Dust is attracted to wet paint so getting rid of excess water safely will help keep it clean and dry.

  • Don’t let your car dry naturally.
  • Don’t use a bathroom towel.
  • Don’t use a water squeegee.
  • Use a detail spray.

A large microfiber towel is one of the best ways to quickly and safely dry your car after a full wash.  There are other popular and safe methods such as using a car dryer or a leaf blower.

My recommendation us the the Gyeon Silk Drying Towel.  It’s dimensions are 28” by 36”.  Click here to see the Gyeon Silk Drying Towel on Amazon and read some reviews.

I’m not going to pretend I’ve tried every towel on the market.  But I have tried a few. Some people might prefer to use multiple small towels but my preference is to use a single large towel that can do my entire car on one go.

Another favorite by detailing enthusiast is the classic Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel.  It soaks up tones of water and is especially great for patting your car dry.  

A detailer spray will help when drying your car. I usually use Adams Detail Spray to help the towel to slide more easily over the car.  Just mist it on to the wet car.

Use a detailer spray when drying to…

  1. Add shine
  2. Reduce static
  3. Add protection
  4. Reduce scratching
  5. Use on paint, glass, plastic etc.
  6. Make drying easier.
  7. Make drying faster.

View Adams Detail Spray on Amazon.

Why drying a car with microfiber is best.

Microfiber towels have excellent soaking ability.  Microfiber also traps dirt and dust in it’s fibers keeping it away from your paint and reducing scratches and loss of shine.

Drying your car the wrong way can scratch it.  You must touch your car as little as possible.

Why use a large towel to dry a car.

It’s quicker to dry your car with a large towel.  There is less laundry after because you might only need to use one towel.  However, I don’t use this towel to dry my wheels.  I use a number of cheap microfibre towels to do that.  These towels are only ever used on the wheels.

Use a blow dryer

A fantastic way to dry your car is with an air blower. In fact I would say that its the best way.

A highly recommended product is the  Blaster Sidekick.  Many amateur detailers say that this is THE must have drying product for 2019.  The powerful jet of air that it produces will get water out of all the hard to reach places in your car including door mirrors and handles.

The Metro Blaster Sidekick has the following advantages.

  1. You can dry your car without scratching it.
  2. You can dry your car in less time.
  3. No need to do laundry when you are done.

The same company also make a more powerful blower called Metro MasterBlaster.  If you are serious about having perfect paint work than this is the tool you want. Many professional detailers use a product like this to save time and to protect car paint.

Gyeon Silk Drying Towel Review

It’s a closed loop microfiber towel and only   one side is used for drying.

It’s a relatively thin towel but you will shocked at the amount of water it can hold and the speed of which it can soak the water up.  

It’s not easy to wring out such a big towel but as it’s not a thick as other large towels it can be done by wringing it out section by section.  I have used other towels that are much thicker but they are almost impossible to wring out in my opinion.

One towel is usually enough to dry a car without having to wring it out too much.  But if you have a larger car or truck you might need to buy as second towel.

To use the towel after a full wash just place it flat on your car and lightly drag over the surface.  It will take up ALL the water in one pass. And of course we know that that means fewer scratches.

You can pat dry your whole car with this towel which is probably the best way to prevent scratches.

Doing side panels is a little trickier but I figured out an easy way to do this too.  Do the flat panels first including the roof and this will add a little weight to the towel.  To do the sides just swing the towel against the car and pull up against the car.

It’s incredible soakage means you can dry your car quickly and I am always looking for ways to dry my car as quickly and safely as possible.

Waffle weave towels are another type of towel that hold lots of water but I prefer the large microfiber towels.  It’s just a matter of preference I guess. I like to use a waffle weave towel to clean my glass if I feel it needs an extra clean after a wash.  Sometimes greasy fingerprints are not removed after washing glass so I will give it an extra clean.

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