Owning a Black Car. The Pros and Cons. 1

Owning a Black Car. The Pros and Cons.

“Black isn’t a color, it’s a part-time job”.  So goes the saying. Let’s look at the pros and cons and why I believe black cars are better and have advantages and aren’t that hard to keep clean.

The truth is, nothing beats a black car.  Especially a shining black car.  

On the flip side.  Nothing is as disgusting as a dirty black car.

Black vehicles look most amazing in the showroom.  They just draw you in. You instantly imagine yourself driving it and feeling badass.

Owning a Black Car. The Pros and Cons. 2

The bat mobile was black.  Can you imagine it being any other color?  No!

That’s because black cars are totally badass.

You feel more alive when you drive one.  You feel powerful.

Why does dust stick to a black car?  

A simple anti-static quick detailer like Chemical Guys Speed Wipe will make life bearable for black car owners.  Just mist on onto your car paint, glass, and plastic and wipe it off with a microfibre towel.

You could see a drop of 75% in the level of dust due to the anti-static properties of these products.  The spray can last 6 months. Put the towel in the laundry after each application.

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Will I Regret Buying a Black Car?

If you love taking care of your vehicle you will not regret buying a black car.

When you wax a white car it’s hard to tell if all your work actually did anything. But when you wax a black car you will definitely notice it.

The same goes for polishing and ceramic coatings. They make a big difference to black cars.

White and silver cars hide dirt and scratches. But black shows them up more.

If you want to keep your black car looking good you will need to pay someone to clean it for you regularly or you will have to clean it yourself.

Are black cars really that hard to keep clean?

The answer to this question is a resounding no. Part of the reason for this answer is that I love washing my car. I have a pressure washer and a foam cannon and I can have my car washed in a few minutes. Depending on how dirty it is of course.

I might spend 10 minutes setting everything up – connecting hoses, plugging in, and getting buckets ready. I will usually wash my wheels first because they are the dirtiest part.

I always pre-foam my car and rinse it off before going in with a bunch of microfibre wash mitts. The pre-rinse will get rid of most of the dirt that could scratch the car when I do the hand wash.

Using multiple clean microfibre wash mitts will speed things up and prevent scratches.

A large microfibre towel will make drying the car quick and easy and prevent water spots.

Is it common to regret buying a black car?

I have not been able to find any specific figures. But some people do regret buying a black car because they simply were not prepared to put time and effort into taking care of it.

But I also know many people who will only buy black cars. They have always bought only black and they love the way it looks on their driveway. It’s almost like it’s their signature color.

Birds like to poop on black cars

It shows up more on black cars.  But that detailer spray can come to the rescue here too.  Keep it in the car so you can use it when out and about. Let it soak in for a few minutes to soften the poop.  Having a layer of spray wax underneath makes it much easier to remove the poop.

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They lose their new car shine very fast, don’t they?

They lose their shine if you don’t learn the correct way of washing and drying.  Of course, it’s best to wash by hand. Taking your car to a car wash will cause your shine to fade more quickly.  You can also take your car to a detailer or find a mobile detailer.

You can apply a ceramic coating to your car that will protect the shine for longer.  There are some consumer-grade ceramic coatings available to buy that you can apply yourself.  Or you can get a pro detailer to do it every two years or so.

Black cars show up scratches

This is true.  But there is some great all-in-one scratch removes like Meguiars 3-in-1 wax that can be applied by hand to the scratch.  These work great for like scratches and swirl marks. You can apply these with a polishing machine too for even better results.

What black car owners need to know

It costs more time and money to take care of a black car.  With modern products, it is possible to keep them looking good for years. But you can save some money by getting a black car detailing kit like these.

Do you need to wax a black car every weekend?

Modern waxes are very different from old paste waxes.  Now you use a spray wax while drying your car and you’re done.  These are synthetic polymer sealants and will make your car easier to wash because they prevent dirt from bonding to the paint. Here is a list of Spray Waxes that are popular with Black Car Owners.

Can you take a black car to a car wash?

Usually, these will scratch and mar your paint.  So it’s definitely better if you can learn the proper technique to wash your car yourself.  Get yourself a pressure washer if you can.

It’s true that you need to wash a black car more often than any other color.  And as mentioned above, an automatic car wash will cause your shine to disappear very fast.  But if you have no choice, you could take these steps to minimize scratching.

  • Apply a ceramic coating yourself or have a pro detailer do it.
  • Don’t let anyone touch your car with a brush or sponge.
  • Don’t let anyone dry your car with a water squeegee.
  • Apply a spray wax immediately after the wash.

Use a good detailer spray or waterless car wash to remove light dust and dirt.

Get your car professionally detailed a couple of times a year.

If you don’t like to do the work yourself, use a professional detailer.  They can restore shine and apply protection to paint, plastic and glass.

A ceramic coating will protect your car from light scratches and make your car easier to wash due to the way it forms a hard shell on your paint.  It also has hydrophobic properties that will cause water to run off your car and prevents dirt from sticking.

How do I clean my car without water?

You can also wash your car without water.  Check out products like these…

  • Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All.
  • Meguiars Waterless Wash.
  • Optimum No Rinse (ONR).

Will a pressure washer damage black car paint?

No.  A pressure washer is a fantastic tool for washing cars.  Especially with a foam gun. It will remove a huge amount of abrasive dirt before you touch your car.  And that will prevent scratches when you do start using the wash mitts.

The foam cannon attachment can be used to blanket your car in thick suds that will soften dirt and dissolve grease and oil from the road.  If I have limited time to wash my car I will use only the foam and water pressure and then dry it with a leaf blower or car dryer.

Black cars get very hot

Studies have shown that this is true, unfortunately.  The difference is relatively small but noticeable. Do the obvious things like getting a sunshade and dash cover.  These make all the difference. And park in the shade if you can. But not under a tree because the sap from the tree could rain down on your car.  The sap acts like glue to dust and dirt needs to be washed off.

In wintertime, this heat-trapping is a bonus. Your car will be warmer than a white car would be because of this effect. Every cloud has a silver lining.

A black car will get more water spots

They are more visible on black cars.  Dry your car after each wash with a large plush microfibre drying towel to prevent water spots from forming after washing.  

After a light shower or rain, you could also have water spots.  Whatever you do, don’t dry wipe your car. Use a waterless wash product as mentioned above to remove the dirt and dust.


If you want to fit in and buy a white car.  Or buy a black car and live the life you want. We’ll all be dead eventually anyway.  

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