7 Best Snow Foam for Black Cars 1

7 Best Snow Foam for Black Cars

A snow foam cannon attached to a pressure washer will generate thick suds provided you have a good combination of 1. Pressure washer, 2. Foam Cannon, 3. Snow Foam Shampoo.

So what should the best foam cannon soap do anyway? Snow foam soap is designed to be used with a foam cannon in the pre-wash stage. The more dirt you can remove from your paint before you touch it the better. Your paint will keep its shine much longer.

1. Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam Check Price
2. Bilt Hamber Autofoam Check Price
3. Griots Garage Surface Foam Wash Check Price
4. Adams Mega Foam Check Price
5. Turtle Wax Ice Snow Foam Check Price
6. CarPro Hydro2 Foam Check Price
7. Gyeon Foam Check Price

If your car has a good shine then the use of a foam cannon will help you to preserve that shine. But if your car hasn’t had its paint regularly protected and maintained then snow foam may not be worth the investment

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A snow foam wash is more effective if your car already has some kind of protection such as a sealant, wax, or ceramic coating. And if you do have a ceramic coating a foam wash is an excellent way to protect it.

If you use a spray wax such as Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax on your paint after each wash you’ll find dirt doesn’t stick as well to the paint and is more easily removed with the pressure washer.

Using the correct washing and drying techniques is the most important thing to understand when maintaining good car paint. Once you understand these, your paint will look good for years longer, adding snow foam and a pressure washer to the mix will extend the life of that delicate shine even further.

Can any soap be used in a foam cannon?

Some regular car shampoos do a decent job when used on a foam cannon. But a purpose-made foaming shampoo will generate thicker foam and suds. Some also do a better job of softening and dissolving dirt so you can blast it away with your pressure washer.

And of course, that’s the whole point. Get rid of as much dirt as possible before you touch your paint. Your contact wash will be much safer and won’t add as many scratches if you perform a good pre-wash.

Snow foaming tips.

  • Tip 1. The car should be cool to the touch. If it’s hot the foam will dry too quickly and won’t get a chance to soak into the dirt. Also, the dried suds can leave a residue behind that’s especially visible in dark-colored cars. So it’s best to apply the foam on the shade and when the paint is cool.
  • Tip 2. In most cases, I will apply foam to my car while it’s dry because the foam seems to stick better. For a seriously muddy vehicle, I will usually go in with the pressure washer first to take the heavy dirt off. I will then foam the car.
  • Tip 3. Foam usually needs a few minutes of dwell time. Read the instructions of whatever product you get. Too long and the product will dry out. Too short and it might not have the full effect of cleaning your car.
  • Tip 4. Thicker foam is usually considered better but there is some debate on the subject. Some believe the foam should be runny so that it moves over your paint and takes loosens more dirt. But others say thick foam is best because it sticks better and has more time to work.
  • Tip 5. If you think your foam is too thin it might be because your pressure washer does not have the required water flow rate to achieve thick suds.
  • Tip 6. Some foam shampoos are only meant to be used for foaming and not in your bucket wash. Others can be used for both. The reason some shouldn’t be used in your bucket wash is that they don’t contain conditioners that wrap themselves around dirt and protect your paint from scratches.  Honeydew is safe for both.
  • Tip 7. If my car is not too dirty I sometimes use the foam cannon and pressure washer and finish the car off with something like ONR or Optimum No Rinse. It can save you lots of time and also help to protect your car against scratches.

Best pressure washer

If you have money to spend I recommend the Kranzle K1122. It’s not cheap but it’s seriously good and generates perfect thick snow foam. Of course, you can also use it for cleaning everything around your home such as your driveway and decking.

A lower power pressure washer like the Sun Joe spx3000 is a fantastic pressure washer but the foam it generates will not be as thick. This is because the Gallons Per Minute or GPM rate is 1.76. It will still produce good foam but it will drip off the car a little quicker. Using a good quality snow foam shampoo rather than a regular car shampoo will help.

1. Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam

This is the best all-around snow foam product in my opinion. It delivers thick foam when used with the right pressure washer and foam cannon. But even with an inexpensive foam cannon or a lower power pressure washer it still does a great job.

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It can also be used in your bucket wash too. It’s pH neutral so it will protect any existing wax you may have on your paint. The thick foam softens dirt so you can blast it away with your pressure washer.

It also offers great value for money, especially when you buy 1 gallon.

Adams has two foaming shampoos. Ultra Foam and Mega Foam. Mega Foam creates the most foam and may cost a small amount more. It’s worth it because it creates a super thick foam that sticks to your car really well.

Mixture rate: Mix 1 ounce of Honeydew Snow Foam to 5 gallons of water

2. Bilt Hamber Autofoam

Probably not that well known, Bilt Hamber is very popular in Europe. And their Autofoam product is a favorite by car detailing enthusiasts who want to keep their car looking perfect for as long as possible. It’s designed to be used only in the pre-wash stage of car maintenance.

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Bilt Hamber Autofoam removes more dirt than any other product on the market. It dissolves road grime and bird droppings effortlessly. If you want to get as much dirt off your car as possible without touching it, this is the product for you. You simply will not regret your purchase.

If you are obsessed with detailing your car and just want the best snow foam product. Get Bilt Hamber Autofoam.

Tip: the fast wash trick is to cover your car in Bilt Hamber Autofoam and rinse off with a pressure washer. Then dry with a leaf blower or a car dryer. You have then washed your car without touching it which means you haven’t added any new scratches.

3. Griots Garage Surface Foam Wash

Griots garage offers a few different foaming products. Foaming Surface Wash is one of their best products and one that I have used many times. It removes more dirt than any other product.

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Griots Foaming Surface Wash is used first on a dirty car as part of the pre-wash. Let it dwell on the surface for 5 to 10 minutes and it will encapsulate the dirt and contaminants on the paint so you can rinse it away. This will help minimize scratching and swirls. It claims to protect waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings and is pH neutral. Excellent thick foam is produced. It does a great job of dissolving bugs too.

4. Adams Mega Foam

Crazy levels of thick foam can be achieved with this product. It delivers more foam than the other Adams snow foam called Ultra foam.

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Use Adams Mega foam with a good quality foam cannon for the best results. I used the Adams Foam Cannon which isn’t very cheap but it’s a very well-made product that delivers thick foam. It smells great like all Adams products.

The ph Balanced formula does not remove sealant or wax and wont dry out plastics or rubber. Another plus for this product is the it doesn’t leave streaks on your paint if you leave it dry out in the sun a little too long.

5. Turtle Wax Ice Snow Foam

The Turtle Wax Ice line of products is proving to be a big hit for Turtle Wax and puts them back on the map. It’s great that they have upped their game because their products offer fantastic value for money.

This is another hit product from Turtle Wax. Click here to read reviews in Amazon.

This product rinses clean even if you use it in the sun and doesn’t leave any residue behind. Very important if you have a black car. It can be used both in you snow foam cannon and in your bucket which is always handy when your in a hurry. And the bubble gum smell isn’t bad.

If you get a chance you should try all if the ICE products from Turtle Wax. They are all great value for money and all are getting rave reviews from car detailing enthusiasts.

6. CarPro Hydro2 Foam

I have used a lot of CarPro products because I believe the produce excellent results. CarPro Hydro2 Foam is the perfect foam if you have a ceramic coating on your car and you want to protect it as much as possible. Most of the other products on this page also claim to protect ceramic coatings but as I have used a CarPro ceramic coating it made sense to use their other products to try to protect it.

This product can cause streaking if not washed off on time. So its best to use it in the shade and when the paint is cool to the touch. Also not as much foam as other products but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing and it was probably designed to run and drip from your car.

If you have a ceramic coating this is the product to get. Click here to see on Amazon.

7. Gyeon Foam

Another product that produces super thick foam. Its good value and also effective. The thick foam really bonds to your paint. Another plus for Gyeon Foam is that its very easy to mix with water in your snow foam bottle. It doesn’t really have any smell worth talking about compared to something like Honeydew above which is heavily scented.

I think Gyeon Foam clings better to the car than the other products. Other users have reported this too.

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