What Does Waxing a Car Do? (7 Amazing Benefits) 1

What Does Waxing a Car Do? (7 Amazing Benefits)

Wax costs money.  I have spent a small fortune on it over the years.  And applying wax takes time.  So is waxing a car worth it?  What does waxing your car do?  Here are 7 benefits I found that will help you.

  1. Protect Resale Value.
  2. Protection from Weather
  3. Protection from Dirt
  4. Protect Paint from Rust
  5. Makes Washing & Drying Easier
  6. Fills in Light Scratches
  7. Boosts Shine

Quick Answer

Waxing your car will help protect its paint from weather and from road grime.  It will help prevent dirt sticking to your car which makes it easier to wash next time.  It will also fill in some minor scratches and swirls and boost your shine.

Benefit 1 : Protect Resale Value

People are attracted to shiny things.   It even has a name, it’s called shiny object syndrome.  Having some shine on your car when it comes time to sell it will make the task easier.  A dealer also loves to see a car coming in that has been cared for by its owner.  Car dealers knows that cars with better gloss and fewer scratches are easier to sell.

Scratched and faded paint will put buyers off time and time again so its worth taking the time to detail your car.  

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Benefit 2 : Protect Paint from Weather

Sun can damage paint over time.  Especially black cars and other dark colored cars.  So can ice and road salt.  All of these cause paint to become oxidized and can quickly make a new car look old.

Many waxes contain some form of UV protection.  Modern spray waxes help dissipate heat which reduces water spots.

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Benefit 3 : Protect Paint from Dirt

Road grime can cause paint to fade and lose its shine.  This contamination can eat into your clear coat over time.  The protective layer offered by wax can help reduce the impact.  If also protects plastic bumper and even makes bugs easier to remove.

Water beading can be visible on a waxed car for months.  Topping up this protection with a spray wax each time you wash it is the best way to keep it protected and looking awesome.

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Benefit 4 : Protect Paint from Rust

Rust and corrosion can happen to any car over time.   Paint can fade and crack which allows oxygen to attack the metal underneath.  Wax will protect against this.  The amount of protection you get from wax depends on the type of car wax you choose.

Have you ever seen a 20-year-old car on the road that looks like it’s still in perfect condition?  It was waxed regularly.  We can all protect our cars in this way if we wash and wax them.

Benefit 5 : Makes Washing & Drying Easier

Because dirt doesn’t easily bond to a waxed car it’s easier to remove with a pressure washer or with a microfibre wash mitt.

And when it comes to drying, water beads make it easier for your towel to remove water.  So you’ll end up with fewer scratches.

Scrubbing a car is what causes the most scratches.  Use a microfibre wash mitt and the two bucket method when washing your car and you will massively reduce the number of swirls and scratches you inflict.

Benefit 6 : Fills in Light Scratches

Some waxes have ingredients that do an amazing job of covering scratches.  It doesn’t last forever but it works really well and its a lot easier than polishing.

Spray waxes and ceramic coatings don’t fill in scratches very well.  It’s usually liquid and paste waxes that have some scratch-filling properties.  

Glaze is a product thats designed to fill in scratches.  You can apply wax on top of a glaze to get even better results. 

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Benefit 7: Boosts Shine

Shine and gloss are what we really want from wax.  Carnauba wax will add deep gloss.  Other waxes are synthetic sealants that last longer.  But they all add some gloss and shine to your pride and joy.

Some car shampoos contain a little wax that adds a little gloss to your vehicle, but in my experience, it’s not as good as applying a spray wax or liquid wax from time to time.  


Wax protects your paint and help your car hold its value.  

UPDATE: Another great reason to wax and detail your car is because people with clean and shiny cars have better luck finding a girlfriend or boyfriend.  This makes perfect sense to me.  A filthy car is a major turn off.

Some of the latest spray waxes on the market can be applied to a wet car after you wash it.  Just spray on and rinse off.  It only adds a couple of minutes to the car washing process so it’s well worth doing.

So now you know what waxing does to your car I think you’ll agree it’s absolutely worth the time and money it takes.  Happy Detailing!

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