5 Fast Ways to Wax Your Car. (Quick Shine) 1

5 Fast Ways to Wax Your Car. (Quick Shine)

You don’t need to spend hours applying a paste wax with a buffer to get amazing results in 2021. There are many types of car wax out there and you may never have heard of some of these new easy to use products.  But give one of them a try because they’ll save you time and give your car that just waxed look.

You don’t need to use a clay bar or do any time consuming machine polishing before you use these waxes.  

Quick Answer

The fastest and easiest way to wax your car is with a spray and rinse wax.  You lightly spray a small amount on each panel of your car just after you wash it and while its still wet.  Then rinse it off with a hose or pressure washer.  And dry as normal and you are done.  Your car is waxed and no buffing needed!  

Method 1 : Spray and Rinse Wax

As mentioned above.  I think spray and rinse waxes are a great time saver and will offer the most shine in the least amount of time. 

You simply spray the product on to you car after you wash it and before you dry it. You then use hose or pressure washer to spread the product out over your paint.

There are a number of great spray and rinse waxes in the market at the moment. Probably the most popular is Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Graphene Spray Wax. It can be applied to a wet or dry car but it’s obviously quicker to do it while your car is wet.

Graphene is the latest buzzword in car detailing. Its job is to offer great protection and long-lasting shine. And Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Graphene Spray Wax is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

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Method 2 : Quick Detailer Spray

Some of the latest QD sprays on the market offer excellent levels of gloss. A quick detailer is designed to give your car a quick boost by removing dust between washes. They are not meant to be used on dirty cars as they don’t offer enough protection from scratches.

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The best time to use a quick detailer is just after a wash. First wash and dry your car as normal using something like the two bucket method or one of my quick wash methods. Then simply spray on some quick detailer and wipe off with a soft microfiber detailing towel.  It’s a super thin liquid so no buffing is needed.  It can go on glass and plastic so you don’t need to be too careful. And that’s what makes it so fast. It will take just 3 or 4 minutes to boost your shine with a quick detailer.

The QD I recommend for boosting shine and gloss is Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Quick Detailer. I’ve been using it since it became available in 2020. It offers the best levels of gloss I’ve seen. Your car looks like it was just waxed. It also makes your paint very hydrophobic which helps prevent water and dirt from sticking so your car will be slightly easier to wash.

Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Quick Detailer contains a new formula that has a ceramic ingredient that is designed to make it last longer than other quick detailers. And it does seem to last a surprisingly long time.  I have noticed my paint still beading a few weeks later. But the shine it produces is not designed to last as long as a dedicated ceramic coating or wax.

Method 3 : Wash and Wax Shampoo

Chemical Guys Glossworkz is the product I recommend here. In the old days, we had Meguiars Wash and Wax products which were excellent at washing but really didn’t make your car look any shinier in my opinion.

Glossworkz actually works. Your car’s shine will get an excellent boost.  You’ll especially notice it if you haven’t waxed your car for a while.  But I wax my car regularly and I also notice the effect.  

You use GlossWorkz like any other shampoo. Like all Chemical Guys shampoos is offers protection from scratches by encapsulating dirt in a super slick suds. It smells great too. The reviews on Amazon speak for themselves. 

You can also use Glossworks in a foam cannon.  It doesn’t produce as much foam as some of Chemical Guys other products but it doesn’t need to.  Having more foam doesn’t really add any advantage and can cause staining if it dries to your car.

It’s not the longest-lasting car wax.  But it’s as easy to apply as it gets.

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Method 4 : ONR with Wax

Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax is an incredible product for times where you are in a hurry or where you don’t have access to a hose or pressure washer,

You simply put some of the product in a bucket of clean water and wipe down your car with a special big red sponge or with multiple microfibre towels or wash mitts. Its formula is designed to keep scratches to a minimum and it really does work.  

There are two types of ONR available.  This version contains some wax or sealant that adds gloss as you wash.   Highly recommended.

Method 5 : Autoglym Super Resin Polish

Using Autoglym Super Resin Polish will take longer than any of the products mentioned above but it will give the best results if your car has scratched or faded paint. 

It contains resin or glaze that actually fills in scratches on a microscopic level and boosts shine like nothing else. You need to apply it to a washed and dried car and keep it away from plastic trim as it will stain it.

Super Resin Polish is a type of car wax that often gets overlooked.

You can very quickly apply it by hand using a foam applicator and it buffs off super easily. The shine you get will last much longer than any of the methods listed above. It will easily survive multiple washes. You can boost the shine again using a quick detailer after each wash. People will think you get your car resprayed. Autoglym Super Resin Polish is that good.

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Sometimes the sun is out and you want your car to look great.  But you don’t have all day.

For me the fastest way to make my car look waxed is to use a spray and rinse wax after I wash it.  Check out Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Graphene Spray Wax on Amazon.

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