Best Iron Fallout Remover for Car Paint 2023

Iron fallout particles attach themselves to paint and will make paint feel rough.  They can also rust and damage paint.  So getting rid of them is important an also very easy thanks to this product.

Best Fallout Remover

Carpro Iron-X is a product I’ve used for years.  Its safe to use on wheels and car paint.  It wont stain plastic provided you rinse it off before it dries out.  Its extremely effective at dissolving iron particles from any part of your car.  And its not that expensive.  Its a must have product for anyone who cars about car paint.

When to Use Iron Fallout Remover

There are a number of occasions I will use my Iron Remover.

Is Iron Fallout Remover Worth it?

Its definitely worth using an iron remover of you want to preserver your cars shine as much as possible.  If your have an older car or truck and its already scratched and swirled then you can probably skip using an iron remover.

What Does Iron Fallout Remover Actually Do?

Iron particles bond to paint and don’t get removed when you wash your car.  They can be very difficult to see.  In fact they could be invisible until they start to rust. 

When they do rust they will start to eat in to your clear coat and damage it.  This will cause your paint to fade and look dull.

A clay bar will remove some of the iron particles.  But not all of them.  Also these iron particles can get dragged along your paint by the clay bar and scratch it.  So its a good idea to use Iron Remove before you use a clay bar.

When waxing and buffing your car the iron particles can attach themselves to you wax applicator or buffer and cause serious scratches.,

Iron Remover will safely dissolve the iron particles on your paint and wheels.  The resulting purple liquid can simply be rinsed off.  Its as easy as that.

Can Iron Remover Stain Plastic?

Iron remover can stain plastic, rubber and paint.  Use it only on paint that’s cool to the touch.  Park in the shade.  Don’t let it bake on or it could cause staining.  Iron-X seems to be one of the safer products.

What Does Iron Remover do to Cars?

Iron Fallout Remover uses a chemical to dissolve bonded iron particles from your paint.  These particles can damage paint over time so its a good idea to get rid of them.

Do you need to use Iron Remover on a Black Car?

Its hard to see iron remover working on black cars.  That’s because the bleeding effect is a dark color too.  But its definitely working.

One trick is to use a soft white cloth or tissue and touch it against the area behind the front wheels on the front doors of the car.  It should be purple/red.

You might also see the purple color on the ground

How Often Should I use a Iron Remover?

I use iron remover about 4 times a year on my car paint.

I use a dedicated wheel cleaner like Meguiars Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner about once a month on my wheels only.

How to use Carpro Iron-X

  1. Shake the bottle
  2. Read the instructions incase they have been changed since this post was written in 2021.
  3. Wash your car using thetwo bucket method or another safe washing method.
  4. Make sure your car is parked in the shade.
  5. The car can be wet or dry.
  6. Spray the whole car with Iron-X.
  7. Let it dwell for 3 to 5 minutes.
  8. You should start to see red/purple color on wheels and paint.  Its hard to see on black paint.
  9. Gently rub in with a damp wash mitt.
  10. Rinse well with water.

Reasons to Love Carpro Iron-X

Sorry if this sounds like an ad for Iron-X. But its a product used by some many weekend detailers for so long that its just one of those tools we all love.

  • Its Acid-Free.
  • Its pH Balanced.
  • Safe on Paint and Glass.
  • Safe on All Wheel Types.
  • Available to Buy Everywhere.
  • Not Too Expensive.
  • Works Extremely Well.

Should you use a clay bar before iron remover?

I always use iron remover before I use the clay bar.  This makes the most sense to be.  The clay bar should glide more easily over the paint and cause fewer scratches.

Sometimes I use a tar remover too.  Check out this page to learn about tar removers that actually work.


Carpro Iron-X is a product I’ve used for years and years.  Its safe on all surfaces including wheels, paint and glass.  It wont stain plastic.  Its a perfect detailing product and its a product you should definitely use from time to time to protect your paint.

Check out reviews of Carpro Iron-X on Amazon.

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