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Best Car Wash Mitts and Sponges (Pros & Cons)

I love hand washing my car.  I do it at least once a month.  One of the most important things to get right is also one of the cheapest.  Getting the best car wash mitt and sponge is key.

Best Car Wash Mitt.

Chemical Guys car wash mitts are well made and last a long time.  They are double sided which I think is the best type because you can switch around to the clean side after a few passes.

I prefer the light colored ones because you can easily see when they are dirty.  

Check out Chemical Guys Chenille Premium Scratch-Free Microfiber Wash Mitt on Amazon.

Best Car Wash Sponge

Back in the day I used to wash my car with a sponge.  It sounded like a great idea at the time.  A sponge can hold tons of suds which will clean and protect my paint.  

But the problem with a sponge is that they just push the dirt around your paint.  And this dirt contains grit that will scratch your car.

So for that reason I no longer use a sponge to wash my car.  I always use microfiber wash mitts.

Can I wash my car with a brush.

If you just want to get the mud off your car quickly use a soft brush.  But remember that any shine you have on your clearcoat will completely disappear.  You will end up with millions of swirls and scratches.

So if you already have an old car that has tones and paint chips and scratches then there is nothing wrong with using a brush.  But I would never do it.  I would restore the shine using polish and compound and protect that shine using safe washing techniques including microfibre wash mitts.

If you have a new or new to you car and you want to preserve its shine, don’t use a brush or sponge.  

Why a microfibre wash mitt is best.

Microfibres trap dirt in their fibres.  They also hold a lot of water and suds like a sponge.  Your car will have fewer scratches if you use a microfibre wash mitt instead of a sponge or brush.

How many wash mitts do I need?

I use at least five microfibre wash mitts to wash my car.  This is called the multi mitt method.  As soon as a mitt gets dirty I grab a clean one.  Mitts are cheap and this is my favorite way to wash my car.

Another popular method is the two bucket method.  In this method you use just one mitt to wash your car but you rinse it off repeatedly in a rinse bucket with grit guards.  Once clean you dunk it in to the soapy bucket again.

Read more about safe car washing methods here.

Tips for using a microfibre car wash mitt

  1. I like to soak my car first to soften any dirt.  Use a pressure washer if you have one.  Even better if you have a foam cannon.
  2. Use the right amount of a good quality car shampoo.  Chemical Guys Mr Pink is one of the best.
  3. Don’t use too much pressure when using the mitt.  Even though its super soft you can still cause unnecessary scratches.  Your goal is to loosen the dirt so you can rinse it off.
  4. As soon as the mitt gets dirty either rinse it in the rinse bucket or grab a clean one.
  5. If there is bonded dirt such as tar or bugs you should use a clay bar or a bug and tar remover.
  6. Use a special mitt for your wheels.  The brake dust can scratch paint.
  7. Rinse all your mitts and put them in the washing machine when done.
  8. Dont wash or dry them on a high heat as that will damage the microfibres.


When hand washing your car you need to use the correct tools.  And a sponge is NOT the right tool for this job.  Sponges can cause scratches, dull your paint and lower the value of your car.

A shiny well maintained car is easier to sell.

Use a number of good quality microfibre wash mitts to wash your car and it will look cleaner and the shine will last longer.  Check out Chemical Guys Chenille Premium Scratch-Free Microfiber Wash Mitt on Amazon.

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