What's the Longest Lasting Car Wax? (Cars and Trucks) 1

What’s the Longest Lasting Car Wax? (Cars and Trucks)

Car waxes that claim to survive multiple washes have been around for years.  But most get washed away after a few months.  But I tried a new wax from Turtle Wax and it lasts much longer than any wax I’ve ever seen

What the Longest Lasting Car Wax?

What's the Longest Lasting Car Wax? (Cars and Trucks) 2

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax, Graphene Spray Wax is the car wax I’m talking about.  The name is a mouthful so I just call it Graphene Flex Wax.  Shine, water beading and protection are still visible after six months of regular washing.

It’s a fully synthetic product which means it doesn’t contain any carnauba.  But it still adds an excellent long-lasting shine.   And not having carnauba can be a good thing because it doesn’t stain plastic or rubber trim.

How Long Does Graphene Flex Wax Last?

It will last at least 6 months which is absolutely incredible.  Some waxes I have used add a great shine but are completely gone in a month or less.

I applied it to two vehicles.  One of them is washed regularly and the other is rarely washed.  The vehicle that was washed regularly had better water resistance but water was still beading after six months once they were washed.

The fact that it lasts so long made the cars much easier to wax as dirt cannot bond to a waxed car in the same way it bonds to an unwaxed one.

What Does Graphene Do?

Graphene Wax simply makes the product stronger and last longer.  It also reduces water spotting as it disperses heat from your paint.

Graphene in car detailing products are available as a coating or wax.  A coating is harder to apply but can last longer.  Coatings also cost a lot more.  I prefer this wax form due to its ease of application.  

Graphene doesn’t protect against deep scratches or rock chips.  But it can reduce the amount of swirls and light scratches you inflict on your paint when you wash it by hand.

Why I Like Graphene Flex Wax So Much.

  1. A little goes a long way.  Just two quick squirts on each panel are enough. 
  2. It’s quick to apply.  No need to spend ages rubbing and buffing.
  3. It adds lots of shine.  Very high gloss levels with little effort.
  4. Great water beading.  All car lovers love to see water beading.
  5. It makes your car easier to wash.  Dirt cant bond to protected paint.
  6. It’s easy to buff off.  Use a soft microfiber towel.  No elbow grease is required.
  7. It survives multiple washes.  You’ll notice water continues to bead after multiple washes.
  8. It adds UV protection.  Reduces sun damage and oxidization.
  9. It can be applied to a wet or dry car.  That’s why they call it “Flex”.
  10. It’s a spray wax.  Of all the types of car wax out there this is by far the best.
  11. It can be used all over your car.  Glass and plastic too.

Tips for Applying Graphene Flex Wax to Make it Look Amazing.

  1. Fully wash your car by hand using a method that doesn’t cause scratches.
  2. Use a Clay Bar if you need to.
  3. Use an Iron Remover to dissolve bonded iron particles.
  4. Use a Tar Remover if you have tar spots.
  5. Polish your car if you have swirls and scratches with a machine polisher and compound.

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Tips for Preserving Car Wax.

  • Wash your car regularly with a pH-neutral shampoo or with shampoo that contains gloss enhancers such as Chemical Guys Glossworkz Shampoo.  
  • Apply Graphene Flex Wax after each wash.
  • Don’t take your car to a car wash.  The chemicals are too strong and will degrade wax.
  • Learn to Use the Two Bucket Method to wash your car.
  • Only use Microfibre Wash Mitts to wash your car and not sponges or brushes.
  • Dry your car with a Large Microfiber Drying Towel after you wash it.

Tell me about Ceramic Coatings.

Ceramic or Graphene Coatings can last a lot longer than any type or wax or sealant.  Many of them claimed to last several years which would make them the longest lasting type of protection you can apply to your car.

But ceramic coatings are very different to waxes like Turtle Wax Graphene Spray Wax.  A ceramic coating takes a lot more care to apply.  You should fully decontaminate your paint with iron remover, tar remover, and a clay bar, and then polish away any scratches using a machine polisher.

Ceramic coatings also need longer cure times and application in a garage is recommended. 

Read more about ceramic coatings here.

Is Paint Protection Film an Option?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a thin sheet of plastic that’s applied to your car to protect the paint from all kinds of damage.

Its usually reserved for high end Ferraris and Lamborghinis but I have seen a few applied to Teslas and other vehicles.

PPF gives fantastic protection from rock chips and scratches and can be removed and replaced every few years.

They need a lot of time and work and cost a lot of money to apply.  I suggest you check out some YouTube videos for more information.



Turtle Wax’s range of Graphene-based products has taken the auto detailing industry by storm.  I admit that I completely ignored them at first.  But I can safely say they add gloss and long-lasting protectection and are easier to apply than almost every wax on the market.  

Graphene is not just a buzzword in my experience, but is a key ingredient that makes wax strong and long-lasting.

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro To The Max Wax, Graphene Liquid Wax is quick and easy to apply and can last for at least 6 months.

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax, Graphene Spray Wax can be used as a quick top-up after each wash.  Your car will have that just waxed look for a very long time.  The level of shine will increase with each application.

By the way, I have not been paid by Turtle Wax to say any of this.  It’s just my opinion from trying many different waxes over the years.  Thanks for reading.

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