Difference Between a Quick Detailer and a Waterless Wash 1

Difference Between a Quick Detailer and a Waterless Wash

The main difference between a waterless wash and a quick detailer is that a waterless wash can be used on a dirty car.  Were as a Quick Detailer can only be used on light dust and water spots.

Both products are spray products that you wipe off without using water. A waterless car wash can be used when the car is dirtier because it’s even slicker than detailer spray.

A waterless car wash will have more lubrication and more cleaning agents called emulsifiers to help remove dirt. These emulsifiers might also partially remove older wax from your car.

A quick detailer can be used when the car is less dirty, ie it has only light dust, water spots, and maybe to clean up some bird droppings. The quick detailer can also be used after the car has been washed to give it a shine and to top up wax.  And as I mentioned above some quick detailers can be used as a drying aid when the car is wet.

A quick detailer is better suited to cars that already have a good coat of wax or sealant that you want to protect. A waterless car wash usually contains its own waxes and sealants so if you have no existing product on your car may be a waterless car wash would have more protection than your car would need.

A waterless wash needs lots of clean microfibre towels when used on a dirty car.  It will also need buffing.

As a quick detailer is not used on a dirty car and doesn’t contain was it needs less buffing.

When to use a Waterless Wash

  • When your car needs a wash
  • When you don’t have access to water
  • When you you are in a hurry

When to use a Quick Detailer

  • When you have light dust on your car
  • When you have bird poop on your car
  • When you want to quickly boost your shine after a wash.

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