Swirl Marks on Car Paint

How to Remove Swirl Marks from Black Car Paint

Swirl marks can only be removed by polishing. Their appearance can also be partially reduced using glaze or a product that contains fillers.

Before you learn how to remove swirl marks, it’s useful to know what causes swirl marks and how to prevent swirl marks from forming in the first place.

This is because getting rid of swirls is a time-consuming task. So preventing swirl marks on a black car is a lot easier.

Polishing out swirl marks on a black car

Polishing a black car is the most effective way to remove swirl marks from it. It can be done by hand or with a machine polisher, but a machine is more effective.

Polishing is also known as paint correction. It involves using polish, compound, or a dedicated swirl remover for black cars to cut down the paint so that the glossy reflection returns.

Polish is available with different levels of cut. Heavy-cut polish is usually called a compound.

The type of pad you use also affects the level of correction achieved. The harder the pad, the more it cuts. Softer pads bring up shine and reflection.

Polishing is usually done with a dual-action polishing machine. There are other types of polishing machines but DA is preferred as it is less likely to result in damage to the clear coat.

Can you remove swirl marks from a black car by hand?

You can remove swirl marks by hand but it will take a lot longer.

If you want to remove swirls by hand you could use a glaze or an all-in-one polish and wax. Results can be fairly good but nowhere near as good as they would be by using a Dual Action Polishing Machine.

If you have swirl marks in a small area such as around your door handles or on your b-pillar you could try removing them by hand. Use foam pads like Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Hand Applicator Pad Kit. And use a compound like Meguiars Ultimate Compound as it works very well when working by hand.

What products are used to remove swirl marks on black cars?

Some all-in-one products are effective when used by hand. They might not completely remove swirls in my experience. But they are useful for reducing the appearance of swirl marks and boosting the shine of black cars.

Many all-in-one products contain glaze or fillers which fill in the tiny scratches that swirls are made up of. They go a long way to cleaning up the reflection.

Pure swirl remover is often preferred because you can see your progress better. Its also preferable if you have your own wax or ceramic coating you wish to apply.

Applying by hand doesn’t result in the same amount of cut as a polishing machine will give you. So you will still see swirls and scratches but the reflection and shine will be much better.

Your paint should be as clean as possible before polishing. Otherwise, you could make the swirls worse.

But remember, glaze and filler products are like wax in that they can get washed off over time.

But paint correction is permanent in that it last as long as you don’t add new swirl marks.

Can wax remove swirls marks from cars?

No, wax can’t remove swirl marks.

Can a clay bar remove swirl marks?

No, a clay bar will not remove swirl marks from cars. In fact, it might create them.

Can an all-in-one product remove swirl marks?

All-in-one products usually contain some polish that can help remove swirls when used with a machine polisher. They also include glaze or wax. If used by hand they can improve glossiness and only partially reduce the appearance of swirls. But when used by machines they can give great results.


Polishing a black car is the best way to remove swirls from it. Use a dedicated compound and polish or an all-in-one product. If you don’t have a polishing machine you can use a glaze to reduce the appearance of swirls.,

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