What is a car drying aid? 1

What is a car drying aid?

If you want to reduce paint scratches caused when drying your car you should use a drying aid.  It’s a great way to prevent water spots and dry your car quickly

Quick Answer

A drying aid is a spray that you can use on a wet car after you have washed it.  It will cause the water to instantly bead which makes drying easier and reduces scratches.

How Does a Drying Aid Help?

As you dry your car after a wash you might notice that a thin film of water can stay on the car.  The drying aid will prevent this from happening.

A drying aid is hydrophobic and will repel water.  

Water will form into beads which are easier to pick up with your microfibre drying towel.

Being able to dry your car faster means you need to spend less time touching it so you will end up with fewer scratches and swirls in the long run.

Once your car is properly dried you will have fewer water spots.


What’s the Difference Between a Drying Aid and a Quick Detailer Spray?

In most cases, a quick detailer can be used as a drying aid.  They are usually the same thing.  Having looked at some of the top-selling detail sprays online I would say that in some cases you can use a quick detailer as a drying aid.

When to Use a Drying Aid Spray.

If your car was recently waxed and water is beading then you probably don’t need to use a drying aid.  You can just dry your car as normal and use a quick detail spray after to spruce up the shine.

If your paint was not waxed recently and water seems to be sticking you your paint a drying aid will help.

Best Drying Aid Products

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Best Drying Aid: Adams Detail Spray

Best Large Drying Towel: Griot’s Garage 55590 PFM Terry Weave Drying Towel

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