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How Many Coats Of Wax Should I Put On My Car?

Quick Answer: One coat of wax is all that’s needed.  It will have the biggest impact on shine and gloss.  Adding an extra coat will have no visible difference in most cases.

Will Extra Coats of Wax Add More Shine?

Paste wax takes a long time to apply compared to modern spray wax.  These waxes offer great protection.  Some waxes such as Soft99 Fusso Coat can last 12 months. Adding an extra coat of any wax directly after the first coat will make no visible difference.

Is Too Much Wax Bad For My Car?

In most cases putting too much wax on your car is not a bad thing.   But it can be more difficult to buff off.

If you have to use too much pressure to buff your car you might end up marring the paint.  This will result in swirls and maybe fine scratches.

Using a damp microfibre cloth or maybe some detailer spray might make the wax easier to buff. If you are still having problems, Meguiars Ultimate Compound should take care of it.

Another problem with using too much wax is that it’s a waste of product.  Only the wax that touches your paint will actually stick to it.  That’s why they say a little goes a long way.  You can make some waxes last years if you apply them properly.

Is It a Good Idea to Layer Car Wax?

Quick Answer: Layering car wax is not usually worth it. Especially with paste waxes.

Layering usually means applying a second coat of wax immediately after the first one. This is pointless.

However, you can apply a paste wax on top of a glaze. For example, you can apply any Meguiars wax on top of Meguiars Ultimate Polish.

Layering means that you apply different types of wax on top of each other over time.  It can also mean applying the same type of wax over time without removing the first one.

Many spray waxes add more shine each time you use them.  The first layer puts down a base coat and some shine.  And subsequent coats make it look even better.  This seems especially true with ceramic spray waxes like those from Meguiars and Turtle Wax.

You can apply ceramic spray waxes after every wash and you will notice the shine improve slightly each time.

Some Spray Waxes Require A Base Coat

Some spray waxes might need a base coat application.  This seems to improve the protection and water-beading effects you get from them.

The initial application of the product is usually applied to a freshly washed and dried car.  Spray wax is rubbed in with a microfibre cloth and buffed off again.

Subsequent coats can then be applied after a wash when the car is still wet.  This is a massive time saver and it’s one of the reasons I love spray waxes so much.

You simply spray the wax on each panel while the car is still wet.  You can then either rinse the car down to spread out the wax or you can spread it out with a damp microfibre.  You then dry your car as normal.

The shine you can get from these spray waxes is mind-blowing.  Your car looks freshly waxed and it took you a minute or two.  Plus, spray waxes are incredibly cheap with some excellent Turtle Wax products costing less than 10 bucks.

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