Soft99 Fusso Coat for Black Cars

Soft99 Fusso Coat Wax. Tips for Black Cars.

A good coat of wax can protect your paint and make it easier to wash. This happens because dirt doesn’t stick so well to a waxed car. And because it’s easier to wash, you end up with fewer scratches in the long run.

Fusso Coat wax has become an all-time classic auto wax. It’s most well-known for its durability and water-beading ability. It can last up to a year if the right preparation steps are taken.

There are differing opinions on how easy Fusso Coat is to apply. But black car owners seem to have the most difficulty.

I just applied it to my black car, so I’ll go through what I’ve learned in this post.

Fusso Coat Vs Ceramic Coating?

We decided to use Fusso Coat instead of an expensive ceramic coating. There are a number of reasons for this.

The first problem with ceramic coatings is that they are difficult to apply. To get the claimed long life out of a ceramic coating you’ll need lots of careful preparation. You might also need to do it indoors as applying a ceramic coating on your driveway can be difficult due to weather conditions and dust.

If you make a mistake when applying a ceramic coating you might have difficulty fixing it because it sets so hard. An uneven application could look terrible, especially on a dark-colored car.

If you are not happy with the way your ceramic coating looks after it has cured you would need a machine polisher and some powerful compound to remove it. You could damage your paint if you are not experienced in paint correction with a machine polisher.

It’s less likely you’ll make a mistake with wax in the first place as it usually goes on very evenly. And if your paint looks smeared or streaky after application, you can usually fix it without using a machine polisher. All you need is some compound or polish.

Another reason wax is easier to apply is that you can get away with less preparation. Ceramic coatings usually need multistage paint correction and an IPA wipe-down so that you get 12 months or more of protection. This can take a whole day or more. It also requires a number of detailing products. That’s why most people use a detailing professional to apply a ceramic coating.

You can do all this prep for waxes too if you want (and you will get great results) but you don’t have to. You can just re-apply wax every six months.

Why use Fusso Coat instead of other waxes?

Fusso Coat is a paint sealant in a wax form designed to protect automotive paint. It adds some gloss but there are other waxes that add more gloss.

Fuss Coat can last up to a year depending on how it was applied and how the car is maintained.

Fusso Coat has an excellent water-beading effect. This repels water which keeps your car looking cleaner for longer. It also makes washing and drying your car easier provided you do it yourself.

Water beading makes drying much easier. The beads of water are soaked up using a towel or are easily blown away using a car blower. If the car wasn’t waxed it would be much harder to dry.

Preparing a brand new car for Fusso Coat

We applied Fusso Coat to a new black Tesla Model 3. The car had about 100 miles on the clock and had been kept outside at that time. It looks clean and very shiny with just some light dust. The car was parked outdoors which is not ideal. It was an overcast day with occasional sunshine.

Pre-Wash: the car was pre-washed with Built Hamber Auto Foam. The foam was washed off with a pressure washer after about 5 minutes. This removed most of the dust in a safe way.

Hand Wash: the car was hand-washed with Auto Glym Polar Wash using the multi-mitt car wash method.

Iron Remover: An iron remover was applied to the wet car and rinsed off after a few minutes. This dissolved any bonded iron particles that may have been on the car from manufacturing or transport.

Dry: the car was dried using a number of soft microfibre drying towels.

Paint inspection: I checked the paint using a how-powered torch to ensure that there were no major defects. The paint looked great. Except for some haziness around one of the doors. This would need to be removed. Read more about polishing here.

Clay bar inspection: The paint felt really smooth all over. So I decided not to use a clay bar on this occasion. This would save an awful lot of time because clay bars can mar and scratch paint which would then require polishing. Read more about clay bars here.

Paint clean: The haze on the door was easily removed by hand using some Meguairs Ultimate Compound and a soft foam applicator.

Soft99 Fusso Coat Wax. Tips for Black Cars. 1

Application of Fusso Coat

Fusso Coat comes with a soft application sponge. The instructions say to get the minimum amount of product on the pad by applying gentle pressure to the surface of the wax.

If you apply too much product you will have difficulty buffing off.

I applied so little it was hard to see where it was applied. Using a torch helped me ensure it was applied properly and also helped identify sections that were not buffed properly.

My Fusso Coat Application Tips

  1. Wash and dry the car right before you begin the application.
  2. Park your car in the shade.
  3. Don’t wax the whole car and then try to buff. It will be too dry.
  4. The layer of wax you apply should be almost invisible. Use a torch to check even coverage and buffing.
  5. Do only small sections at a time.
  6. Divide the hood into at least four parts and do one section at a time.
  7. A slightly moist applicator will make it easier to spread.
  8. Apply Fusso Coat as if it were a ceramic coating and not like a polish. Use cross-hatch application pattern to ensure even coverage,
  9. Give Fusso Coat 5 to 8 minutes of cure time before buffing. If it was hard to buff reduce the time for the next section and use less product.
  10. Use good quality buffing towels and not some old rags.
  11. Use multiple car buffing towels as dust and dried wax can cause scratches. (I used 8 small buffing towels)
  12. Keep wax away from plastic and rubber trim as it can cause stains. No need to use masking tape if you are careful. Use an APC or IPA to clean wax from plastic before it dries.
  13. If the applicator is getting clogged with wax you can wash it using some warm water and detergent.
  14. Wax will last longer on your car if you can keep it out of the sun and away from moisture for 12 hours.
  15. Don’t apply Fusso Coat to wax. It doesn’t seem to bond to glass. Soft99 makes a glass sealant for that job called Glaco.
Soft99 Fusso Coat Wax. Tips for Black Cars. 2
Fusso Coat on a Tesla Model 3

Troubleshooting Fusso Coat

High spots or streaking: The most common problem reported with Fusso Coat is an uneven-looking application. If your paint looks like this here are a few things you can try.

  1. Do nothing. After a few days, you will find that the streaking disappears. Especially if the weather is hot. When you next wash the car the streaking will almost certainly be gone.
  2. Use a compound like Meguiars Ultimate compound. Apply it by hand using a microfibre applicator. Use gentle circular motions. Don’t use too much pressure. Buff off before it dries. If the paint looks better, reapply Fusso Coat using a tiny amount of product and doing small sections at a time.
  3. Wash the area with an APC (All Purpose Cleaner) or a degreaser.
  4. Use a tar remover. Follow instructions carefully. Some users have used a tar remover such as Gtechniq W7 Tar and Glue Remover for Cars. Reapply Fusso Coat.
  5. Try using dish soap. It’s a good degreaser and it might help if the wax hasn’t been on for long.
  6. If you have a polishing machine use a medium pad and some light compound or polish.

What not to do

  1. Don’t panic, it’s just wax, it will come off.
  2. Don’t spend too long buffing, it won’t help and might mar the paint.
  3. Don’t use too much pressure when buffing, it won’t help and might mar the paint.
  4. Don’t scrub your paint with anything. It will scratch it.
  5. Don’t use a clay bar to remove wax. It will scratch your car.
  6. Don’t use a wheel cleaner. They can damage car paint.
  7. Don’t use a Polishing Machine if you don’t

Maintenance washing a car with Fusso Coat

I like to wash my car as quickly as possible. And Fusso Coat helps speed things up. The method I use is called the pre-wash method and the multi-mitt method. I use the Karcher K5 Full Control pressure washer.

  1. Foam the car using Bilt Hamber Auto Foam. Allow it to dwell for 5 minutes and rinse it off with the pressure washer.
  2. Wash wheels using separate wash mitts and brushes. Use wheel cleaner if required. Throw away any dirty water.
  3. Use Autoglym Polar Wash to hand wash the car using multiple microfibre mitts. Once you complete a section grab another clean mitt to minimize scratching.
  4. Rinse the car with your pressure washer.
  5. Optionally apply a spray wax like Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax or a detail spray to top up your shine.
  6. Dry your car with clean microfibre drying towels or use a car dryer to minimize scratches.
  7. Optionally, use a tire shine for that finishing touch.


Soft99 Fusso Coat is an excellent paste wax. It lasts a long time and delivers outstanding water beading and protection as good as any ceramic coating.

It can be tricky to apply, but if you follow the guidelines you won’t have any issues.

Overall, it’s a fantastic product. It gives fantastic slickness and protection. Crazy water beading. And makes your car much easier to wash and dry. But its main feature is how long it lasts. Highly recommended to all car lovers and professional detailers.


Q. What is the difference between Fusso light and dark? Fusso light contains some paint cleansers that improve the reflection of lighter-colored paints. Fusso dark contains fillers that improve the look of darker-colored paints.

Q. How do you use a Fusso coat? Apply a very thin coat to a freshly washed and dried car. Buff off after 5 – 8 minutes.

Q. Can you use Fusso Light on dark paint? Yes, you can use Fusso Light on dark paint. It won’t do any harm to the paint. And it will last just as long. Fusso light doesn’t contain fillers that can slightly boost the shine of older dark cars.

Q. Can you use Fusso Dark on light paint? Yes, you can apply Fusso Dark on light paint. It will still look great. Fusso Dark doesn’t contain any cleaners that help boost the look of older light-colored paint. But it’s hard to tell the difference in most cars.

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