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Is It Hard To Keep a Black Car Clean?

YES.  It is hard to keep a black car clean.  Dust is more obvious on black and dark-colored cars than on any other.  A black car can even get dirty while parked in your driveway.  Dust will stick to it and rain will create water spots when it dries out.

But black is one of the most popular colors in the world.  Millions of black car owners like me took the risk and bought a black car again and again.  But why do people put themselves through the pain?

Because black cars look so much sexier than any other color.  And we think it’s worth it.

So what can you do?  Well, there are a few quick ways you can wash or wipe down your car without scratching it that we black car lovers have perfected over the years of pain.

Dust Is More Visible On a Black Car.

Dust, dirt, and bird poop seem to draw to black cars.  Sometimes it feels like it rains the moment I’m done washing.

It feels like every pigeon in the neighborhood is waiting for me to finish waxing so they can relieve themselves.

My friend Matt drives a black Mercedes E-Class.  And it never seems to be very clean.  At least I don’t think I’ve ever seen it clean.  It’s his first black car and he says he loves the color.  

He takes it to a car wash where they wash it by hand.  I have seen that car wash and they use brushes to wash the car.  This is something I would never do as these brushes cause scratches.

You can remove dust from a black car very quickly at home using some cool new products that have become available in the last few years.

These rinseless wash products are just what us black car owners need.

Black Cars Show Scratches

All cars these days have an outer layer of clear paint called the clear coat.  This is the coat of paint that gives your car its protection and shine.

The problem with this clear coat is that it scratches quite easily.  And these scratches can show up as white lines or swirls on your beautiful black paint.

Millions of these micro scratches appear over time and this makes black paint look dull.  

The good news is that shallow scratches can be polished out.

But prevention is better than cure.  And if you are thinking about buying a black car you should learn about what causes these scratches.  

Dry wiping a dirty car is one of the worst things you can do to it.  It’s like wiping it with sandpaper.  You will cause swirls and scratches and your shine will be gone in no time.  So lubrication is key.

Washing with clean water and good quality car shampoo is a great starting point.  Then learn about the two-bucket car wash method and you already know more than 90% of black car owners.

How Often Should I Wash My Car?

You can wash your car every week if you want to.  Do you plan on doing it yourself – as I do?  Or do you plan on finding someone to do it for you?  

You don’t need to get your car fully detailed by a professional detailer every weekend.  Once the car is hand washed using safe washing techniques, the shine will last a long time.

But taking it to an automatic car wash with those filthy brushes will result in your shine fading.

Can you live with a faded shine?  If you can then feel free to take it to a car wash.

But if you want that shine to last as long as possible a hand wash using microfiber wash mitts and the two-bucket method is the only way.  (there are other fast wash methods you can learn about)

Think About Getting a Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is like car wax that lasts a very long time.  Wax washes off but this stuff does not.

I would recommend most people to use a professional car detailer to get a ceramic coating applied.  But if you have some experience polishing and claying cars you could do it yourself.

Ceramic Coatings can be expensive because it takes a lot of prep work to apply them.

Ceramic coating will help prevent micro scratches forming when you hand wash your car.  They wont prevent paint chips or deep scratches.

They will also make washing easier because water and dirt don’t stick to a ceramic coating.  You can also top up a ceramic coating with a spray wax after every wash.

Get Your Car Wrapped

If you have even deeper pockets you could consider getting a Paint Protection Film which is a clear plastic wrap that is applied to your car.  PPF is getting very popular and used to be reserved for high-end supercars but now I see it getting applied to all sorts of cars.

PPF is much better than a ceramic coating as it can prevent scratches and even paint chips.

After a number of years, the PPF can be replaced and the car will look like new.

Final Thoughts

Yes, black cars are hard to keep clean.  But it’s good exercise.  At least that’s what I tell myself.   But its also something I love doing.

There are a number of fantastic products on that market that make cleaning a black car easier than ever.  You don’t have to get a ceramic coating or a PPF wrap provided you learn the safe ways to wash and care for your car.  You can use some of the hints and tips on this blog to get you started.

Because let’s face it.  Black is the only truly cool color out there worth talking about.

If you are looking for some idea’s you can start right here by checking out these Fast Ways to Wash A Car.

Happy Detailing!

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