Best Wax for Black Cars with Scratches

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Most waxes don’t hide scratches very well.  But there is a product out there that only pro detailer know about.  They are sometimes called polymer glazes and they are pretty amazing.

Quick Answer

Autoglym Super Resin Polish is the best wax for black cars with scratches because it will do a number of amazing things. 

  1. It will clean your paint. 
  2. It will remove oxidization. 
  3. It will remove light scratches. 
  4. Its easy to buff off. 
  5. It can be applied by hand.
  6. It contains glaze that will fill in bigger scratches. 
  7. It will give excellent gloss. 
  8. You can add carnauba wax on top of it for even better results.

What is Super Resin Polish?

Autoglym SRP is a glaze and polish in one.  The purpose of a glaze is to fill in scratches.  It greatly improves the reflection on your paint.  It works best on dark colors.  

It works great on its own.  But if you really want to make your paint shine you can add any wax on top.

Does car wax hide scratches?

No.  Car wax is a paint enhancer and protector.  It wont hide scratches.  That.s why you should use a glaze from time to time.  

The best thing to do to scratches is to polish them out.  This is paint correction and its the best way to get a mirror finish.  Its a lot more work though.  Read more here…

Can you put wax on top of glaze?

Yes.  This is actually a great idea and its the easiest way to give your black car a massive gloss boost!  

Wax will stick to glaze and will help the glaze to last even longer.  Wax will give better protection and better water beading.  

A paste wax like P21S Carnuaba Wax is easy to apply.  It goes on easily and buffs off easily.  Its great on its own but when you put it on top of a glaze you can really make a black car pop.

And the wax will stay on your car for several months.  It will survive washes, especially if you use a neutral car wash shampoo like Meguiars Gold Class which protects the wax and glaze.  

How to wash a car that has been glazed

As mentioned above, its best to use the famous two-bucket method and a ph neutral car shampoo like Meguiars Gold Class.  Gold Class has great cleaning ability and wont wash away the wax or glaze.

You can also use a spray wax after you wash you car to boost the gloss again.  I love spray waxes because you can go around your car in minutes.  You can spray on to the wet car after you wash it and rinse off.  Then dry your car as normal and it looks amazing.  

Check out Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wet Wax over on Amazon.

How to Apply Glaze

To apply a glaze like Super Resin Polish is extremely easy.  No need to use a polishing machine if you don’t have one.  

  1. Wash and dry your car
  2. Park in the shade
  3. Apply Super Resin Polish in circular motions using a microfibre applicator sponge.
  4. Once dry buff off using a microfibre buffing cloth.
  5. Don’t leave it dry too long or it will be more difficult to remove.
  6. Keep it away from plastic trim as it will stain it.
  7. Apply a carnauba wax on top to get more shine and protection.  I love Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax because its so quick and easy to apply.

How long will Glaze last?

The effect you get from Super Resin Polish will last about 6 months provided you wash it your self using safe washing techniques.

If it starts to fade you can easily reapply when ever its needed.  You can apply it as often as you like as it doesn’t ware away clear coat the way compound would.

Is Super Resin Polish Abrasive?

Autoglym Super Resin Polish contain a very mild polish that is slightly abrasive.  This will help clean the paint and remove any oxodisation.  The abrasiveness is very mild compared to a typical cutting compound.

If its applied using an DA Polishing Machine it can remove a lot more scratches.  But this is because of the pad.  A hard cutting pad will cut a lot more then a soft finishing pad.

Can you apply Super Resin Polish Using a Machine?

Yes, you can apply SRP using a polishing machine.  But I find it dries out a little too quickly and produces dust.  But it will still give absolutely amazing results. 

It will remove a lot more scratches when applied with a Machine.  But as mention above, this is because of the pad and not the polish.

How to was a car that has SRP on it

Use a pH neutral shampoo like Chemical Guys Honey Dew Snow Foam.  Also any of the Autoglym shampoos are excellent.

Some shampoos are designed to remove old waxes.  Dont use these if you want your SRP to last.  

Also, don’t use dish soap.

Dry your car with a plush microfiber car drying towel.  Use a detailer spray or spray wax to boost the gloss levels from time to time.


Got scratches on your black car?  Pure Carnauba Wax wont help much.  Instead you should use a glaze/polish and the best is Autoglym Super Resin Polish.

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